Look who's discovered online shopping!!

Gone are the days of lining up at a boutique to grab a stocktake bargain when it opens,  no more fighting off crazy Kamikaze shoppers who want the same thing you do and proceed to elbow you out of the way because they can (and you're not as rude as they are), no more buying clothes too small or in the wrong colour in the hope you will fit into them if you diet.

Now I know there are a few of my friends that are going to laugh themselves silly.  I have just discovered the benefits of online shopping ............. at 45 years of age......
Well better late than never as they say.

My 16yo has been online shopping for ages and I always am fascinated at what arrives in these little bubble wrap parcels with Chinese writing on them.  He gets most of his tech supplies online(and as I'm considered a tech geek as well) , nevertheless I thought I would investigate.

Sure I've bought something online through Target before.......I was unhappy with it, though (didn't realise the top was in a crop style).

So I went onto a site with my son to buy an apple watch band, it was cheap and it still hasn't lost any colour which I am amazed at, so I went and bought another one and a screen protector for it too.

Now I'm a member of the "Geek" website I used (it's trustworthy) and now I am the proud owner of a Paypal account.

Last night I bought my kids something to give their Dad on fathers day (a phone case with starwars on it).  and now I can see a set of gold plated playing cards for $10.......he's gonna love that.

I spent all morning just window shopping and spent nothing.  It does seem so easy to spend and that is what is worrying me....a little.

I have also learnt to look at all the pictures of the product, you can see when real people like you and me get the package, it doesn't quite look the same as the picture..........just be careful of that.

I know this is going to be the biggest joke out with my friends as I'm known as being tech savvy.  

I will point out that I always used to be scared of giving out bankcard details and still am as there are heaps of scammers out there (you need only look in your junk mail, there's always someone from some exotic country saying they need your bank details).  But the banks will pick it up if you have been scammed in most cases.

I will also point out that many of my friends have had money stolen from their bank accounts too.

I am still waiting on an ACDC varsity jacket that was scheduled to arrive a few weeks ago which does worry me, but I will freeze the payment if I have to wait much longer.


Stay tuned for more of my adventures with online shopping!

Till next time

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe