Following the drama pitches picked up by the networks can get confusing, so posts like Season Zero’s look at the best projects for each net are fantastic for forming your own opinions.

ABC didn’t have a great year, with the main success story being Designated Survivor, though it’s suffered through some backstage turmoil that raises some concerns about its future.  Time After Time and the Romeo and Juliet reimagining are still on the way, so maybe the year will look a bit better in a few months.  As Season Zero notes, the net is basically looking for one of everything this year, hoping to land at least one soap, procedural, and a thriller or fantasy show.  Season Zero picks the net’s twenty-five most exciting projects.

A couple of the projects seem interesting, but possibly more suited to movies or miniseries that a TV show.  Doomsday focuses on a team that was tasked with coming up with solutions to disaster scenarios, only to see their imagined scenarios come true.  The Crossing tells the story of refugees fleeing from an America in the future.

Procedural possibilities include Criminal, the story of a team of criminals forced to work for the government while also stealing relics that could change the fate of the world and Down in the Valley, a dark comedy procedural about a cop who returns to her small town roots to care for her niece after the disappearance of her sister.  Patrol seems to be pretty similar to Quantico, except focusing on LAPD officers, while Unit Zero is a dramedy focusing on a team of unlikely spies who are forced into action and succeed in part because no one would ever think they were spies..  Marc Cherry’s untitled project tells the story about the aftermath of an act of terrorism in a small town in Kentucky.  I’d probably pass on Patrol right off the bat, but the others are all worthy of some consideration.

As for soaps, Drama Kings is about four brothers and their domineering mother, while Grace is about the family of a minister who comes out as gay, and Jigsaw is about a Las Vegas family  tied together by more than blood, marriage, and adoption.  The Marquis focuses on an exclusive building in New York, while The Mother Court is a Shondaland show about lawyers from both sides of the aisle who become involved personally as well as professionally.

The article also mentions a show about a world where people in the witness protection program start getting murdered, called Witness 33.  Hyperion is a show built on “Disney theme park mythology,” coming from the Agent Carter team.  It sounds like it could be a good option to follow Once Upon a Time next year before taking its place in the future.

Published by Andrew Clendening