How is it already September?  Time just keeps moving faster than faster!  Anyway, it is September, which means it’s almost time for schools to start, and if you read YA or MG books, you’ve likely wished that you could actually attend one of the schools from these books.

The obvious choice to attend is Hogwarts, but Penguin Teen offers a list of other excellent options.  They start the list with Grove Academy from Rachel Hawkins Rebel Belle series, where the main character becomes a paladin, powerful beings charged with protecting others.  Hawkins also wrote the Hex Hall series, about a school that welcomes various magical beings, from witches to vampires.  The Hex Hall series is a fun, quick read, whereas I can’t say anything about the Rebel Belle books.  The Penguin Teen list also includes Vampire Academy and Blythewood Academy from Carol Goodman’s Blythewood series. 

The My Thoughts… Literally blog provides a top ten of fictional schools she would like to attend.    Her list includes the school for spies from the Gallagher Girls series, the magic school from The Magicians, and the assassin school from The Neverknight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff.  She tops her list with the school from Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series.  This series is set in a steampunk universe where Mademoiselle Geraldine’s School Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality promotes itself as your typical finishing school, when it actually teaches the girls there how to become spies and assassins.

Of course, some fictional school are far closer to reality than the ones I mentioned above.  For example, the Wonderland YA reviews blog includes the school from The Perks of Being a Wallflower on her list.  The school from The DUFF also holds down a spot on the list

Published by Andrew Clendening