Taking stock as pilot season is about to begin!

Season Zero has begun to release the annual look at all the projects the networks have to choose from as they select their pilots for this season.  Sadly, this time there is no commentary about the options, just a straight up list, but it’s still an invaluable resource.  And of course, the nets could still pick up new projects as time moves on.

We start with the CW, which seems the most clear as though what to expect.   Batwoman is likely a done deal, with Thathashtagshow revealing character breakdowns, and the net will likely up going ahead with one show from the dramedy pitches and one from the Supernatural-esque shows.  At least one more show will likely make it to the schedule.  Nancy Drew seems like a pretty good bet.

Speaking of the CW dramedies, two recent acquisitions sound rather familiar.  First, we have a remake of the failed Good Christian Bitches, with the confirmation that if this show gets picked up, the title will stay in place, whereas the original show went with GCB instead.  This might offend some, but the original title does absolutely sell the concept of the show.

The network is also looking at a show about people cleaning up after the superheroes save the day.  Super Clean focuses on a team, with the lead also working to prove her superhero boyfriend innocent of a crime.  It’s based on an upcoming graphic novel, and I’m intrigued to see Cullen Bunn, best known for The Sixth Gunn, listed as one of the writers for the comic.

City of Ghosts is the latest Supernatural-esque pitch for the CW.  It’s based on a middle grade novel by Victoria Schwab, but the description of the show sounds very different from the source material, and Marlene King being involved is a red flag for me. 

ABC comes next, and the good news is that three of their drama projects do kind of jump out at me.  The bad news is that two of these are based on stand-alone novels, and seem like potential limited series instead of long-term anchors for the network’s schedule.  The Hypnotist’s Love Story features a woman who, rather foolishly, is actually excited to learn her new beau has a stalker, but doesn’t realize she’s already met the woman in question.  The Marriage Lie follows a woman who finds out not only that her husband died in a plane crash, but that it was a completely different plane than the one he told her he was going to be on.

The other project could have a longer life, but it really needs a new title.  The Sorority Girl Saved Your Life sounds like Alias, except it’s based on a true story.  As for the other projects, after giving a long look to a fashion show this past pilot season, I wouldn’t be surprised if the net looks to one of the two fashion dramas they picked up this year.

Lastly, for this post, we have Fox.  This net also has a project based on a standalone novel which sounds intriguing but has questionable legs, Strangers by Dean Koontz, which I’ve mentioned before.  Creepy, but how long can it last?

Other than Strangers, the net has a good number of procedurals which could work but aren’t really exciting.  The other project that pops out for me is a drama about a family who moves to Montana to rebuild their lives, with the twist that they will get drawn into looking for a hidden treasure

Published by Andrew Clendening