The broadcast nets have started picking up concepts for next season.  Fox, looking to add a Marvel Universe show to their schedule, has picked up a show about a family that goes on the run after discovering their children are mutants, a reported by Variety.

Deadline announced a number of projects for Universal Cable Productions, including an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves novel Interworld, about a teenage dimension-walker.  UCP also has four graphic novel adaptions, including The Umbrella Academy, The Woods, Bushido, and The Good Neighbours.  The projects are about a family with strange powers, high school students mysteriously teleported to a supernatural woods, a boy adopted by a samurai, and a half-fae girl, respectively.

Deadline also announced some casting news for Hulu’s six-episode anthology series, Dimension 404, as well as the fact that the Greg Rucka comic series Black Magick, about a detective who happens to be a witch, has been optioned by the producer of The Magicians TV adaption.  The comic also notes that two other Rucka series have television deals in place.

Io9 revealed an upcoming adaption of the Rick Remenber comic Deadly Class, about a high school for young assassins.  Be sure to check out the comments here for some discussion of the merits of this, and other graphic novel series.  The site also announced that Chris Weitz, writer of the upcoming Rogue One movie, is set to adapt the upcoming Grant Morrison comic Sinatoro for television.  The comic is said to be an American version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Freeform is getting into the mermaid business, reports Deadline.  The network has set The Deep to pilot, saying that it will be a dark and scary take on the legendary sea creatures.  The Deep will have to compete with the Lifetime show Sea Change, an adaption of Aimee Friedman’s YA novel about selkies.

Buzzfeed has released some pictures of the upcoming Netflix adaption of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  The book series was already made into a film, with Jim Carrey starring as the villainous Count Olaf, a role that will be played by Neil Patrick Harris in the television series.

Published by Andrew Clendening