With Week 5 of the NFL season in the books let's look and see who the high scorers ended up being by position. Like every week I'll use the scoring system from my 20-team Yahoo league. It is customized, but it close to what these guys scored for you this week.


In what has to be a bit of a surprise Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans was the highest scoring quarterback of the week with 35.01 fantasy points. Mariota threw for just 163 yards, but had 3 touchdowns and added a rushing touchdown and 60 yards on the ground.

Ben Roethilisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers scored 29.10 fantasy points in Week 5. Roethilisberger threw for 380 yards and 4 touchdowns. He was sacked 1 time and did lose a fumble for some negative points.

Tom Brady is back for the New England Patriots and he pout up 28.52 fantasy points in his 1st game this season. Brady threw for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns and he even ran the football 2 times for 14 yards. Brady was sacked 1 time in the game.

Phillip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers put up 26.18 fantasy points for the week. Rivers threw for 359 yards and 4 touchdowns. Rivers lost some points by being sacked 2 times and throwing  2 interceptions in the game.

Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions rounds out the Top5 for the week. Stafford put up 20.70 fantasy points. Stafford threw for 180 yards with 3 touchdowns. He picked up a few extra points by running the football 6 times by 16 yards, but some of those points where given back because he was sacked 4 times in the game.

Derek Anderson made the start for the Carolina Panthers in place of the injured Cam Newton last night. Hopefully you didn't have to use Anderson as he out up just 0.21 fantasy points in Week 5. Anderson threw for 278 yards and ran the football 1 time for 4 yards. He was intercepted 2 times and lost a fumble.

Running Back:

David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals was the top scoring running back in Week 5 with 39.50 fantasy points. Johnson had 27 carries for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. Johnson also added 3 receptions for 28 yards.

Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys ended up as the 2nd highest scoring running back for the week with 35.10 fantasy points. Elliott carried the football 15 times for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns. Elliott also caught 3 passes 37 yards.

Jordan Howard of the Chicago Bears put up 29.80 fantasy points good for the 3rd spot this week. Howard had 118 rushing yards on 16 carries. Howard caught 3 passes for 45 yards and a touchdown as well.

Theo Riddick of the Detroit Lions grabbed the 4th spot this week with 27.45 fantasy points. Riddick had just 11 carries for 49 yards, but picked it up in the passing game as he grabbed 6 passes for 33 yards with 2 touchdowns.

Carlos Hyde of the San Francisco 49ers rounds out the Top 5 for the week with 27.40 fantasy points. Hyde had 22 rushing attempts for 78 yards and a touchdown. Hyde also caught 6 passes for 36 yards as well.

It was a tough match up for the Houston Texans Lamar Miller as he put up just 5.15 fantasy points in Week 5. Miller had 8 rushing attempts for 20 yards and caught 1 pass for 4 yards against a tough Minnesota Vikings defense.

Wide Receiver:

There are some interesting names in this Top 5 starting with Sammie Coates of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coates had 6 catches for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns in Week 5 he added 23 return yards to get to his week leading total of 31.11 fantasy points.

T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts finished 2nd for the week with 30.85 fantasy points. Hilton had 10 receptions for 171 yards and a touchdown in Week 5.

Amari Cooper of the Oakland Raiders caught 6 passes for 138 yards and a touchdown as well as catching a 2-point conversion in the game. Copper ended up 3rd for the week with 26.55 fantasy points.

Did you start Cameron Meredith of the Chicago Bears? I hope you did as he scored 24.85 fantasy points in Week 5 by grabbing 9 passes for 130 yards and a touchdown. Meredith did cost himself some points by losing a fumble in the game.

Brandon LaFell of the Cincinnati Bengals rounding out the Top 5 with 24.80 fantasy points for the week. LaFell caught 8 passes for 68 yards and put 2 of them in the end zone in the game.

Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots wasn't helped by the return of Brady as he was able to put up just 2.60 fantasy points. Amendola caught just 2 passes for 11 yards in Week 5.

Tight End:

No surprise with 3 touchdown catches Martellus Bennett of the New England Patriots led all tight ends with 29.20 fantasy points. Bennett had 6 receptions and 68 yards to go with those touchdowns.

Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers gave Bennett a run for the top spot though. Olsen had 9 catches for 181 yards, but didn't get in the end zone. Olsen scored 25.10 fantasy points to take the 2nd spot for the week.

Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans finished as the 3rd highest scoring tight end with 16.35 fantasy points. Walker had 5 receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown in Week 5.

Rookie Hunter Henry took the 4th spot in Week 5 with 15.65 fantasy points. Henry had just 3 receptions for the week, but went for 74 yards and a touchdown to make the list.

Dwayne Allen of the Indianapolis Colts rounds out the Top 5 for the week with 15.50 fantasy points. Allen had 6 receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown in Week 5.

While the Minnesota Vikings stayed undefeated it wasn't a good week for their tight end Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph had just 2 catches for 15 yards and put up just 3 fantasy points on the week.

Defense/Special Teams:

The Minnesota Vikings used 4 sacks, an interception and a return touchdown to take the top spot with 24.00 fantasy points in Week 5.

The Buffalo Bills also had 4 sacks to go with 2 interceptions for a total of 22.52 fantasy points and grab the 2nd spot for the week.

The Washington Redskins had 3 sacks and a return touchdown and a fumble recovery for a total of 22.11 fantasy points and the 3rd spot for the week.

The Arizona Cardinals had 19.87 fantasy points. The Cardinals has 7 sacks, a safety, 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery in their game.

The Tennessee Titans had 6 sacks and 2 interceptions for 15.10 fantasy points and the 5th spot for Week 5.

While the San Francisco 49ers had a sack in their game they where only able to put up 0.24 fantasy points in Week 5 and ended up at the bottom of the Defense/Special Teams rankings for Week 5.


Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts was the #1 kicker with 25 fantasy points.

Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders was 2nd with 18 fantasy points.

Greg Zuerlin of the Los Angeles Rams finished 3rd with 16 fantasy points.

Caleb Sturgis of the Philadelphia Eagles grabbed the 4th spot with 15 fantasy points.

Brandon McManus of the Denver Broncos rounded out the Top 5 with 13.25 fantasy points.

At the bottom of the Kicker rankings for Week 5 was Cody Parkey of the Cleveland Browns. Parkey had  1 extra point for 1 fantasy point in Week 5.

I hope you had some of the top guys for the week and as always thanks for taking the time to read this. Good luck in Week 6.     


Published by John Burke