Fall Book Reviews from around the web!

Rule claims to be a mix of two series that I quite liked:  Three Dark Crowns and Pretty Little liars (the books).  And it sure sounds like it’s true, with the story following three young women who abruptly learn that they are the daughters of the king, only for them to each learn that they are targets of a blackmailer, threatening to reveal their darkest secrets.  Of course, being a mix of two things I like doesn’t necessarily mean this one is executed well, and Meltotheany wasn’t impressed. She thought it started pretty strong, with each of the sisters having intriguing secrets they needed to keep hidden, but found the rest of the book tiring.  Lair of Books also had problems   with it, praising the characters, but criticizing the worldbuilding.

We get yet another negative review with The Book Addict’s Guide’s take on What the Woods Keep, a book she couldn’t even bring herself to finish.  She disliked the writing style, and also felt that it shifts from an intriguingly creepy story into a different kind of fantasy tale that just wasn’t as interestingVicky Who Reads was far more positive , feeling that the book does a good job blending the different genres together.  She also quite liked the writing style, but admits there wasn’t anything special about the main character, and it was really just the mystery that sucked her in.  Gizmos Reviews seems even more positive, again praising the mix of genres and seeming far more invested in the characters.   Her only complaint is the abrupt ending.

The happy few who’ve followed me for a long time may remember that I really liked one of Nova Ren Suma’s novels, but was disappointed by the other I read.  Which is pretty much how My Thoughts… Literally felt, though in reverse as far as which book is which.  Her review of Suma’s latest, A Room Away From the Wolves, suggests that it is a bit of a disappointment.  While the review finds Suma’s writing beautiful and atmospheric and liked the characters, she felt that the world and plot were just too vague for this to be a satisfying rad.  Vicky Who Reads initially seems to be more positive, but then acknowledges she didn’t care much about the main character so both reviews are pretty mixed. 

These two reviews for Beneath The Citadel offer fairly similar opinions.  What stands out to me is the both reviews start by going over the book’s cast, but the lists don’t match up, and it doesn’t seem to be just that one of them threw in a couple of side characters that the other didn’t think were worth mentioning.  For Meltotheany, Vesper was important enough to be the second character mentioned, right after main character Cassa, while Forever and Everly skipped over her.  Both were very pleased with the book, by the way.

Finally, we come to the supposed gender-swapped Beowulf that is The Boneless Mercies.  SwoonyBoysPodcast offered up an “interview with the main character, while Vicky Who Reads went with the more traditional review, and a very positive one at that.  The concept intrigues me, but everything I’ve read from the author always sounds great, and doesn’t quite work for me.  Ditto for Grim Lovelies, so I’m not getting too excited about these two yet.

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