It’s October, so here’s some creepy things you might want to check out!

ChapterStacks presents top 10 horror movies, focusing on older or more obscure options as opposed to the obvious current flicks that we already know about.

IGN goes to an expert, asking Guillermo del Toro to list his top ghost movies.  Meanwhile, Wired gets his Top 5 Horror films.  The director also reveals his own real-life ghost story in this video.

Top15s takes a look at 15 scary animated videos, while Creeps Plays takes a look at some good horror games from 2016.

The Storyteller offers up trailers for five upcoming horror movies, none of which I had heard of before seeing this video.  Interestingly, the trailers don’t seem to completely match the list of movies in the description of the video.

Epic Reads offers 24 books to check out during the Halloween season, a number of which I have read.  I definitely recommend The Name of the Star from Maureen Johnson, though I’m nervous about whether the series will ever get its final book.  I also recommend Three Dark Crowns from Kendare Blake.  It got some mixed reviews, though I think the key is to go in understanding that this first book in the series spends a lot of time setting things up, though the synopsis and first chapters make it seem like you are going to get right into the action.  I also liked Shallow Graves, though not as much as the first two books mentioned, and thought Wink Poppy Midnight and This Savage Song were okay.  I was not a fan of The Walls Around us, unfortunately.

Creeps Plays looks at ten games inspired by horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, while Looper looks at some upcoming horror movies.

Finally, presents 24 famous ghost photographs, taken at locations ranging from the legendary Amityville house to… a Toy ‘R’ Us.


Published by Andrew Clendening