Moving to a bigger city is one of the most challenging times of your life. Being away from your home can be very stressful that’s why buying or adopting a pet can be the answer to your lonely days. However, not all apartments and other for-rent-establishments welcome pets in their buildings.

There are specific rules or policies when it comes to bringing of pets in a particular establishment. But there are also ways you can do to make sure that you and your pet can live together. Here’s a list of tips and other different ways on how to find a pet-friendly apartment.

Use Online Tools

Searching the web for apartments is a good idea especially if you don’t have the time to check the place. Using online tools such as Craigslist can help you narrow down your apartment search and can also lessen your time in searching the perfect apartment for you and your pet.

There are a lot of sites where you can see listings of apartments that allow pets in their establishment, of course, there will still be some minor policies that you need to follow. Using all the tools you can see in the web might be helpful, but it’s even better if you talk to the owner or landlord so that you can negotiate when it comes to this kind of matter.

Trial Period

Not all landlords or apartment owners are understanding. There will be those kinds of people who will reject your request immediately. If there’s a chance that you think his or her mind will change don’t be afraid to ask for a trial period. In this way, you can have the opportunity to prove to them that your pet won’t cause any harm or problem to the said building.

Asking is the key for you to know what are the possible outcomes. Once you’ve asked for a particular time, you should also stick by your promise, and you should do everything to prove to them that your pet will never be a problem for them.

Make A Resume For Your Pet

Just like applying for a job, it’s also a wise move to make a resume for your pet. Listing down some good traits or qualities in your pet's resume might help convince the landlord or owner. If you have complete papers for your dogs, you should bring it as well for them to know that your dog isn’t just any dog and they will see that your dog came from a right breed.

It’s also advised to put some medical or health records in the resume, short description, grooming, habits, and if your pet has undergone professional training from experts, you might as well put the training certification along with the other things in your pet's resume.

Make Them An Offer

If you’re that eager to bring your pet with you, you can make an offer to the owner or landlord stating that you will pay for a pet deposit. Tell them that you’re willing to pay more just for you and your pet to be together. By doing this, they will think that you’re confident enough that your pet won’t make a mess in that specific apartment.

Your eagerness will most likely change their mind. Before doing this, make sure that your pet won’t trash the place because this may cause a problem not with just the property but also with your relationship with the owner. Remember, you’re the one who made an offer and not the owner.

Provide Legal Papers

Now if by any chance you found an apartment that allows pets but is looking for legal documents, don’t forget to bring letters of reference from the past owner or landlords that you’ve had before. This letter should prove that your pet wasn’t a problem to them from the time you stayed in their establishments.

Also, you should ask your pet veterinarian to provide you with a letter stating that your pet has already been vaccinated and neutered. With legal papers like these, landlords or owners will most likely approve your request knowing that your pet is no problem to them or the other tenants of their building.


Looking for the perfect apartment that allows pets inside might be a bit tricky. Asking for suggestions from other people might help you with this kind of problem. It is also your job to make sure that your pet won’t cause any harm to other people around you.

Being a responsible pet owner and tenant is a crucial job.  Proper discipline is the key for you to make sure your pet can live harmoniously with the other tenants of the building. Trust builds trust, abide by the policies and everything should work just fine.

Published by Zachary McGavin