This is one place that should be on the agenda for all travelers.  If you go to the top of Lookout Mountain, you will be able to see 7 different states. It is located in Southern Tennessee, and there are plenty of things to do here. My husband and I stopped through on our way back from the mountains and had a fantastic time.

This place is beautiful! Make sure to check out Rock City, where there are even more trails to hike, oh wait it’s not really hiking though… it more like paths. There is no gear that is needed, except water. Make sure to check out Lovers Leap, you can’t miss it because all trails lead to it. There is also a café!  Ruby Falls is a must see as well, if you don’t mind going down in a cave. Don’t worry there is no belly crawling! You do take an elevator deep down in the mountain and then follow a guided tour that leads to a giant underground waterfall! I noticed a lot of international folks at Rock City, so put this on your bucket list and go already!!!! 

Lover's Leap

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