Lord I don’t want to push him away;

Whoever he may be; I want something that is long lasting.

I Don’t want it to be just a dream; yet a dream that turns into reality.

Our father you say a man finds a woman.

 I just want the right man to find me.

As there is a sea and I am its bait;

dangling day to day.

Searching for a Male figure to love my son as if he were his own; I want someone I can talk all night on the phone.  I desire a God-fearing man who treats his woman how God our father treats his Church. I want a sweet gentle caring; willing to fight for our love, long lasting spouse dear Lord; show me how to let down my guard that is over my heart; show me who to love and show me how; send the right man Lord to guard me now.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews