I remember being told when I was about to join medical school, how the "stress and reading" would help me lose weight. Well, guess what? First year done, I ended up gaining more pounds. No one mentions the fact that you get so busy, and unless you are smart enough to prioritize, health takes a back seat.


Lunches become shawarmas and burgers (which are the only available foods) in the cafeteria, and dinner becomes ordering pizza and pasta from debonair because of the school work load leaving little time to cook. Oh, it also doesn't help that there is an amazing ice cream parlor suitably situated on the route to school.


That was four years ago; I moved farther away from the ice cream parlor and the excessive pounds are gone for good. Of course, it didn't just up and vanish one day, if only, it took work, work and work.


So, here's my rule number 1 when it comes to losing weight, a simple seven letter word: HONESTY. We all want to lose weight for several reasons. Of course the best reason is, in order to live a healthy lifestyle but that isn't always the case. We've got to brave up and admit to ourselves why exactly we want to lose weight- maybe it's to fit into that prom or wedding gown, maybe cause you believe it'd make you look more beautiful, maybe the doctor ordered it. Whatever the reason, admit it to yourself first of all.


Next, write it down and place it somewhere you can see it everyday. It could make all the difference on those days you don't feel the motivation. Paste it in front of the Mirror, or in the kitchen on the fridge, where it can serve as a reminder and an extra push on days when you need it the most. We all could use a little reminder every once in a while.

Published by Ameena K.g