In a world where ideas come and go.

 It seems that everything I think of has already been fulfilled or will be in the blink of an eye. As if I envision things, and in a moment of a second it’s already done (and not by me).

Or the most common feeling of them all is when I see others start something that I have already done; and by that time mine is not where I feel it should be. Then in a blink of an eye they have passed over me. The emotions I get from this thought process drains me; to feel like what I was doing or am doing is just not good enough. As if it was never meant for me to do.

 Sadness in my heart drops my body every time as if I just collapsed on the floor. Lost for words as if my purpose was sucked out of me.

 No breathe to breath as if it was an out of body experience. Wishing just to find my way; wishing just to be filled with joy in whatever I do, making it purposeful for the Lord.

Lost in a mind filled with emotions and unrest less thoughts. I feel my journey as of right now is incomplete; with all these bad and negativity thoughts eating at me.

But I must remember the king who saved me.

A memory of all the things he has freed me from. Having knowledge that in my faith I am stronger then what I think to be. And that all these negative thoughts are from the enemy; trying to stop me from loving and coming into what I need to be for Gods glory only.

I refuse to believe there is no path purposed for me. I choose to believe that my path is greater than all that has come in front of me. I know a Heavenly King; He who purposely saved; set me free. Draped in the full armor of Jesus Christ the Almighty King.

Forever we are free, may we continue to rejoice.

And through him all things work out purposely.

So hold your head high humbled souls; your time is near!!!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews