Sometimes the very things we long for are in front of us all along.

I lost an earring four years ago.

It wasn’t that the earring was particularly valuable in terms of money, but it did have sentimental value. I purchased the pair on a trip with my girlfriends. The earrings were a reflection of my “fun” self and a far cry from my usual conservative demeanor. 

Yesterday,  I found it.

The lost earring was in a pocket in my purse. I found it while looking in there for something else. Had I not just seen its twin in my jewelry box moments before, I would still be under the impression that it was lost. The irony is I’ve carried that same purse more times than I can count these last four years. I’ve l had it all along!

So, what’s the point?

Sometimes the very things we are searching for are ours for the taking if we would only pause long enough to see them.




Many of us are so frantically rushing through life we don’t see or appreciate the blessings right in front of us.

Don’t allow daily distractions or even the quest for your next “blessing” to rob you of the ability to perceive and be grateful for what you have at hand.

Distractions can distort our vision. In my case, I was so focused on everything else in my bag, I failed to see the very thing I'd been searching for!

Another "revelation" as I retrieved my prize was “don’t give up hope.”

If I hadn’t held on to hope, finding the earring would have been bittersweet had I tossed the other one out years ago. I'd long stopped looking for it, yet I still hoped I'd find it one day.

I was reminded that God sometimes answers our prayers long after we dismiss them. Even if we forget, God doesn't.

Having lost one, I appreciate the earrings now more than ever. 

Perhaps, God defers some answers to our prayers until we can not only appreciate our blessings but also manage them. Our blessings can become burdens if we aren’t mature. If we are careless, our blessings will manage us!

Whatever “blessing” you are searching for, hold fast to hope. The very thing you’ve been looking for may eventually find you.

What are you searching for?

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5 NKJV

Published by Lilka Finley Raphael