Living an unbelievable life,


like a hypochondriacs illusion,

dissolve into a fantasy.


Distort the reality with drugs

that hold the keys to big and small,

and makes it so easy to fire

the silver bullet heard round the world

to kill the beasts that lie lazy

getting fat on the misery of lives lived

in a consumers nightmare.


Acquire the latest E ticket item

sold in blue light sales

beneath the yoke of child labor

under a yellow skylight that expands

to absorb the first three planets

into nothing.


In the end, you can't take it with you

being lost in the afternothing

that will everlast without the faith

of a greater possibility.


The Americans have the latest apparel

fads designed by G. O. D.

advertised by jailbait.

In the latest euro design

models walk in birthday suits

free to be their true selves.


Unzip the chest,

step out fat or thin

without implants,

makeup or liposuction.


The background beat

is an ultra new EDM gothic chant

spun in an epic battle

Bunny Mouse versus Buddy Christ


Take life to where the sidewalk ends,

strut, and turn, and turn

walk back with a thong waggle

full of cottage cheese

to wash away

the illusion of a lost reality.

Published by James Gabriel