I share my desire to you, You who is bold enough to tell of his feelings, How i wish it could be you, It is she in the mirror who doesn't want to let go, But i want to share my feelings with you, But how do i when i am so deep in the wrong one, The day i met you, You say a simple hi took your breathe away, But you, so warm, yours charmed my heart, Laughing at your every word, i become lighter, Face brighter, the thought of you, keeping me at bay, On and on waiting for our talks, a charming stranger couldn't let my heart be. One who knows what to say, tell me am i wasting time in the wrong situation? How good you fill my world, i feel kinda way, Could you just be here? Say i deserve better, And his arms on thy hands will feel wrong. If i am to say, Instead of she in the mirror taking control, It would be, i love every second with you, I am your little miss perfect, it feels good knowing you'd never let me down, Why am i caught up in a web, entangled with a demon, With a dream to be free, come rescue me, Then it wouldn't be love in the wrong place.

Published by mary muema