There is an old hymn penned by Elizabeth Celphane titled ‘The Ninety and Nine”.  It tells the story of a shepherd who still had ninety-nine sheep but realized one had wandered away and the trials he goes through to try and find and retrieve that one lost sheep.  The last verse tells us that the shepherd doing the searching is Jesus.  As long as there is one lost sheep, He will continue to search for that one and bring it back to fold from which it has wandered.

    The problem with many of us that once we find ourselves in a lost situation we make no attempt to help Him in His search.  We hear His call but we don’t respond.  We know He is looking but we continue to hide.  We know He is nearing but we run away.

     A shepherd that is looking for a lost sheep will listen for the cries of that sheep.  Jesus needs us to cry out to Him so that we too can be found.  In Luke 15:6 Jesus says, “Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.”  Do you feel lost?  Cry out to Him.

Published by Ray Richards