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“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

― Frida Kahlo

This time the hiatus was sort of intentional. I didn’t want to make several self-deprecating, poor me posts. My previous post had that vibe. I need to find healthier ways to deal with my low self-esteem.

In other news, nearly half of my state is underwater. Louisiana has suffered some serious flooding and over 20,000 people have been rescued from flooded areas. The death toll has risen to 7.

It doesn’t feel real. I’m in this state and I reside in one of the cities that have been heavily affected. Garrett is in the national guard and he and his unit have been performing rescues in my hometown. My grandmother and I are fine. There’s no flooding in our neighborhood or on our street. So it seems unreal that just a few streets over, someone is being rescued from the rooftop of their house.

I feel kind of disconnected from the loss. I’ve lost everything before. A house fire burned everything I owned and I barely escaped with my life. So I can relate but it just doesn’t seem real. I feel disconnected from it all. All I can think is, ‘are the roads clear for me to drive to my University for when classes start’, and I feel bad for thinking that when some people don’t even have a home to stay in anymore.

All I have to say now is, please pray for Louisiana.

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