Love After Heart Break


I have thought about my life for such a long time. I often imaged it being a certain type of way. I am now 38 years of age & its nothing like I imaged it to be.

I've had so many broken hearts in my life until I have forgotten how to let go and allow myself to love & be loved. So many things have gone wrong within my life it feels as if I have lost control of certain things & I am unsure as to what I should do.

I want to love, be loved, I want to feel loved, but what can a girl do when she has been broken down so many times til the thought of letting that wall around her heart fall scares her senseless! For overtime she has allowed it to fall it has ended up in the breaking & crushing of her heart. What shall a girl do?

Living a life of auto-immune diseases, taking the medication I take for my mental sanity (thyroid medication) & trying to remain focused on college & healthy for the sake of my Asthma is a lot for one person and having to worry and wonder if I will get cheated on is just something I don't feel the need to stress over.

Its hard, because you love the way you feel when your with that someone special! Its even harder when he has cheated in the past. I keep thinking of Maya Angelou's quote:

"When Somebody Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them."

I often wonder, is this who he is, can another truly be trusted with my heart?

"I Deserve To Be Happy, I Deserve To Be Loved. Every woman does!"

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