Fridays are usually a laid back, heavy work day for me.  There are always exceptions, but today is  sunny day in Ohio in the ’60’s while Florida, where one of my sons lives, is under the emergency of Hurricane Matthew.  With plans to move to Florida in the coming years for 6 months annually, it gives me pause about where I want to live, if I want to live in Florida.   But that is all being done with love, for love wins out.  Love really brings about joy, and more joy brings about more love.  It is so simple.

But it can mean so much in all areas of our lives.  

Let’s start with the basic physical body for no matter what you think, what you feel, you do have a body!  We all share that commonality.  Sue Monk Kidd once stated that “The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them.”  So true, and, if you learn to listen to the body, you can feel love, you can feel joy, and you can feel all sorts of negativity occurring in the body as a response to all types of outward influences.  You will feel in the body before you realize what is happening to you…the little twitch, the little ache, the slight headache, and more can lead to all kinds of issues within the body.  When you really listen to the body, you will have the opportunity to listen, to absorb, and to react early in very small ways in the spirit of love and joy that can offset the negativity and turn it into positivity.  

This is how love and joy within you leads to taking care of you.  Loving ourselves allows us to listen to ourselves quietly and intently at some time every day.  It is because of love and joy that when I awake at 3 or 4 in the morning it becomes my meditation time, my introspection time.  It is with peace, love, and joy that I do this and most times go back to sleep really prepared for the total day.  When I wake up for the day, I feel that I have given myself the reasons for joy and love to occur all day!  Love yourself, listen to yourself.  Find Your Joy and Find Your Love

Published by Janice Marie