What is it about a good meal! It never fails to make your day. Food can never disappoint and if there’s anything in the world that deserves my unwavering attention, it is food. The sight of fresh produce at the grocery store, the lavish spread at a Sunday brunch, the magic of anything chocolate with a bottle of heavenly sauvignon blanc- it does something to me, makes my heart gooey inside and if love is a feeling, I know it is this, it is this! Melodrama aside, since a very long time I wanted to do a food inspired series for a post and voila! At the start, I would like to thank all the amazing illustrators whose artwork I’ve used for my words and I apologise for failing to individually credit their respective work on account of my laziness. Also, thank you Ma for brainstorming what I think were at least a million ideas with me, your contributions are the best of the lot. Here’s to the love of food.

Care To Sin?

Bubbles Beckon

Sashimi Sin

Fun Uncensored

When Life Gives You Homo Sapiens



I'm Going To Call This One Linda Goodman

Cookie Crumble Doom

Oranges & Lemons


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