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The Love Me Beauty subscription (£10+£3.95 P&P/month) is different from most other beauty subscriptions in that it allows you to choose what you want to receive each month rather than getting a random assortment of items which you have no say in. You also receive them in a makeup bag rather than the usual 'Beauty Box' that other sites use. The site claims that you receive £45 worth of products for your monthly payment.

Love me Beauty offers a wide range of products in its Boutique: makeup, skincare, nail polishes, hairbands, beauty blenders, jewelry, etc.




All memberships cost £10 + £3.95 P&P for each month. A 3-month membership will have you spending that times 3 in your first payment (£41.85 altogether). 6-month = £83.70 total and 12-month = £167.40 total. Special thanks to my calculator!

As with any subscription service, even if you purchase a 6-month membership, this is a rolling subscription so unless you cancel it it will renew after the 6 months and take another 6 month payment out of your account. You have to actively go onto your account cancel or let them know that you wish to unsubscribe.



Each month, you are assigned 60 credits, and you can pick as many items as you like adding up to and not over the amount of credits you have.

Each product varies in credit price, from about 10 to 30 each from what I have seen so far. 10 or 15 for tester size skincare products or hairbands, and the higher prices for makeup (so far all have been full size for me) and larger items like hairbrushes.


Loyalty Credits

If you subscribe for a membership, you will receive loyalty credits. If you subscribe for a 1-month membership and don't cancel, you will receive 30 bonus loyalty credits every 3rd month. For a 3-month membership you will be given 30 extra 'loyalty' credits in your first month, for a 6-month membership you'll get 60 and a 12-month you'll get 120. That adds up to A LOT of products.


Monthly Credit Renewal

Your renewal date will depend on when you made your first order: if you order on the 9th of the month, then your credits will renew on the 9th of each month (I will explain credits in a minute). If you can't remember when you made your first payment then don't panic! All you have to do to see when your credits renew is make sure you are logged in, click on your name at the top right of the page and then click on 'account'. There you will see the countdown to your credit renewal. You will also receive a reminder email telling you when your credits have renewed.


Add-on Credits

It is also possible to purchase add-on credits if you see lots of things you want to try but don't have enough credits. 20 add-on credits for £5, 50 for £10, 100 for £18 and 200 for £32. If you don't spend all of your add-on credits in one month, they will be carried over into the next month and so on. I hope that all made sense!


My Tip!

The items available in the Boutique change throughout the month. After my first subscription bag arrived, different items appeared in the Love Me Beauty Boutique (where all the available items are listed) but some of these had disappeared by the time it came around to choosing the items for my next box and other different ones had been added. I'm guessing the other items had simply gone out of stock. I would advise you to purchase some add-on credits to buy something if you are concerned that it might not be there by the time it comes for you to choose your monthly box.

You can purchase items from the boutique at any point in the month using add-on credits. For every purchase you make outside of your monthly order however, you will have to pay £3.95 P&P.


I hope this wasn't too confusing! If you're interested in subscribing to Love Me Beauty, I would suggest you sign up and explore the site. If you're still unsure, visit the Help and Support page, this explains everything. When I had questions that couldn't be answered on that page, I got my answers by emailing them at: and they were extremely helpful!  

I was even sent a free replacement item as the one I had initially received had leaked a little. All I had to do was send them I quick email and picture and one was sent out the next day!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think and if you have any experience with Love Me Beauty!


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