Happiness is only real when shared, but what do you do if you have no one by your side to share your happiness with? The inevitable question asked by every second single girl in the world. Another popular question is when will I meet my Mr. Right? Truth is the dating world has changed in the last 20 years and dating as our parents know it doesn't exist anymore. The new factors come into play make it yet harder to find the one person that will make your heart skip a beat and make you feel like no one else matters.

With online dating that has emerged it is yet harder to identify and meet the one special person. The traditional dating barely exists and if you are as lucky as to still experience this, appreciate every moment because trust me not everyone will be the same. Most men in early twenties or even late twenties for that matter are looking for someone to share a night with not exactly looking for a partner of  a lifetime, with a few exceptions of course. Women are surprised at men's behaviour but there is nothing surprising about this at all - this is the economics of relationships.

Today, there are more women willing to spend nights with men with little to no efforts from men side. So why would a man go through the trouble of dating when he can have a girl he likes anytime? For those women, like me, who still believe in romance and dreams this is not a very good sign. Most likely these men will not end up marrying the women they spend nights with and would like to settle with a girl who believes in romance and values traditions. But would the woman be able to trust such man at later stages in the relationship?

Love me, love me not...how do we know that the person we would like to spend our lives with is not just by our side and we are not noticing them and turning a blind eye? What if a man that has been our best friend or long term colleague is interested in us but we are searching for something better and end up in yet another break up with tears? Perhaps, the dynamics have shifted so much so that the search and the idea of the perfect person has taken over of actually being with someone.

Socia media doesn't make it any easier. Say you found the one and only for yourself and one day you wake up to a notification of a Facebook memory of your boyfriend with his ex celebrating 2 years since their first romantic trip together. Would you be happy about this? 

Staying in relationships out of comfort has become more and more common within couples. So many couples don't love each other anymore but stay together out of habit and comfort, whereas on the other hand there are people who love but cannot be together because of distance, culture, etc. Are either of these types of couples happy?

Marriage: this is something that has changed in the eyes of modern population. A few of us will argue that this is just a declaration of love that is really not that necessary if two people are in love. Really it is just a piece of paper. Because there are many believers in this,  less marriages taken place yet the number of separations doesn't decrease at all. To me marriage is important, not a wedding, but a marriage. A beautiful journey of life with one person who is my best friend, my lover and hopefully in the future will become the father of my children.

So many obstacles on the way of finding true love, or are there? Perhaps if we weren't afraid to love and open our hearts to people close to us, we would not struggle so much. Perhaps, if we didn't turn a blind eye to people near us who want to be in our lives - more happy couples would walk the streets together.

Love me, love me not...

Published by Karina Saakyan