While a man was working on his Corvette, his four-year-old son grabbed a rock. The four-year-old began to scratch lines on the side of the beautifully painted red Corvette. Filled with anger, the man started hitting the young boys hand unaware that he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the boy had lost all his fingers due to the severe trauma dealt from his dad. When the child saw his father with eyes projected pain, he asked: " Daddy when will my fingers grow back?" The dad was so destroyed and speechless he went out to his car and began to kick and punch it with the same rage he had shown to his son's hand. The man exhausted, he sat down with his back against the side of his car looking to his right he saw his son had inscribed in the red paint "I love you dad"

Anger and love have no limits; choose the path that leads to a life filled with love. Anger always leads us to the same self-conclusions of regret and sorrow. In life, things are for use, and people are made to be loved. Most days people are used, and things are loved. Change that vicious cycle love one another. So smile because today is rare and beautiful. Yours Truly. Mister Ho.

Published by Branden Ho