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“True love is a word found by a madman to make the people who believe in it go mad.” – Luffina Lourduraj

Does true love exist in a world as self centered and vain as today? Coming from me I find this topic to be a hard one. I believe in embracing the world for what it is, believe that there is good in everything no matter how minute it may be, and I believe in caring for others even when they can’t or don’t care for you. But the big question is “Is that true love?”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no. Why? Well, I don’t know about the generations before my time but I do know that in this generation…in my generation true love is something that is irrevocable, obsessive and downright scary. It’s a Harley Quinn and Mistah J type of love.

I believe in being in love; I believe in love, but I believe that love dies (or changes). Love passes and not everything you love today will be what you love tomorrow, or four months from now. So many people are scared to see love pass, to see love die. I believe this is why we romanticize  relationships like the Joke/Harley or the unlikely pair of Draco/Hermione and even Snape /Lilly (Can you tell I’m a total bookworm yet?)

We want to see these people who (in our minds) would have had everlasting love no matter how crazy, unconventional and unhealthy it may be. We want to see the bad guy do good and we want to have a secure set of knowledge and hope that one day we will find a partner that will love us forever… Now I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. I’m not saying that people don’t fall in love and stay with one person till death do they part…

No, I’m just saying that my generations (most people not all) view on true love is skewed and people like Harley and The Joker aren’t in love. Draco Malfoy wasn’t meant to be a good guy that would suddenly change his entire views on blood purity just to marry Hermione Granger (sadly). Hey I get it. I get wanting the impossible to happen. I get desiring a love so deep that it becomes suffocating almost deadly all because you’re afraid of never being loved again…

All I’m saying is… I wish our girls had better role models when it came to men and our men were raised with better morals when it came to treating a woman the way she should be treated. We have women who try too hard to be this hard badass shell all because they know what it’s like to be tossed aside like used goods and hey she rather be a shell of who she was than ever love so deeply again…

Women and men this is not true love. True love does not hurt. No matter what they tell you…No matter how much they try to form these dysfunctional relationships in to the “norm”. It’s not normal. It was never meant to be normal. Find a person who loves you kindly, gently and passionately. That is true love.

Then again what do I know? I’m just an empath with a vision and a feeling that maybe we’ve all got it wrong.

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