You know me before my mother’s womb

 And you carved the way to go

I see you’re plans over me loom

And there’s one thing that I know.


You’ve made me for a purpose

You’re light shall be my guide

You gave your only son for me

On the cross is where he died.


People in this world try to label me with their words of hate, they try to debate if you’re even there, when I see you in my life daily, the ways of sin being their bread, infecting their heads, taking them away from the table you have laid, locking themselves out of the open door of the kingdom. When all he wants is to meet them with open arms, yet they wield their hearts as arms against him, and yet the one word he taught us remains.

The people of this world, try to keep me down, they give me labels, call me names, and try to snuff any sound, of the trust I have in the lord of all, when I’m getting too big, they try to make me small, when I’m falling short he’ll make me stand tall. they want to know why I’m smiling, they need to know what they lack, but in their misguided ways, they forget the important fact, that I have a label from above, it’s a four letter word that defines me, and that word is L-O-V-E.

Love for you that’s wronged me, love for all on earth, love for you who’s lonely, I hope you find rebirth, in the blood of Christ, the light and the way, I pray you find his Love and may you find redemption, in his word you’re free, for you have your salvation from the one that also saved me.

I’m far from perfect, I’m as flawed as can be, but when I look in the mirror, it’s a child of God I see, one that is sinful, but reborn in the son, the one that died for many, and now that many live for one, His name is Jesus, the son of man, when the nails pieced his flesh, our sin went through his hands. But he died for our transgressions, his life for the sake of us, he suffered so we may live, this was his gift of L-O-V-E.

So when you ask what Jesus would do, you already know the reply, we live to spread his word, his sacrifice for our lives, there will still be struggles, terror and fear, but as long as you have the love of God, Jesus will be near, he will hold you through the torment, lead you through the trials, he’ll show you the glory of his word, and he’ll do it with a smile, because you are a child, of the most heavenly father, you could go anywhere for him, but I bet he’ll go further, because he loves you without compare, for you his son gave is blood, and what’s the word to describe this act it’s a four letter one L-O-V-E. 

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