I first knew her as a young girl,

With long hair and a child’s grace.

We knew not how love would furl.


My vision of her was replaced,

When we had both turned eleven

And the boys began to give chase.


Like an angel out of heaven,

We watched her body develop,

While such dogs became my brethren.


The arms of men would raise her up

Till she was almost out of sight.

I, meanwhile, was still a pup.


I called to her from such a height,

To tell her how much I loved her,

And the hounds growled for a fight.


She was caught up in the valor,

And who am I to call that wrong?

In my pain I turned to liqueur.


With it I made my pain more strong.

As I fell into the dark depths,

And sadness was my only song.


She saw me heaving empty breaths;

A young pup crying far away

And she came to descend those steps.


She looked me in the eye that day,

With the same sweetness of days gone,

And told me all that she could say:


“Aiko, would you please sing your song?

I remember that we had sown

That our friendship would be lifelong.


I’m sorry I left you alone

I’m sorry that I pushed you out,

Could we, maybe, share the same home?”


Her lips curled into a pout,

As I sat there in stunned silence.

The other dogs began to shout.


They roared at me to insight violence,

But her eyes were on only me.

And suddenly it all made sense.


All this pain, to the tenth degree,

All this pain that had built my past

So that one day we could be free.


Free to be together at last,

An unlikely pair to find love.

The angel, and the pup outcast.


It was like a gift from above.



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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn