Hello everyone,


This poem was taken from my blog. If you liked it, check out some of my other love poems! I'm starting a series, and am six poems deep so far.


Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Please!

Me? How about you quiet down?

You think I can drop all your sleaze?

I just don’t want to wake the town.


Oooo look at you, Mr. Saint man.

Oh, I’m Mr. Saint, Mrs. Devil?

Devil? Have a taste of this pan!

Ow! Fuck, take it down a level.


After I saw you with some whore?

I don’t know what you think you seen.

I think I seen her screaming more.

Juno, don’t give me that routine.


Routine? You think I’m bluffing shit?

That ‘cause I’m your girl I’ll submit?

Get your ass outta here right quick,

Or who knows what sins I’ll commit!

Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn