She said she felt the fire

Then put my heart on the pyre

But I was blinded by desire

For what I thought I saw inside her.

Desire is a loveless game

She told me that she felt the same

But in the end all I felt was shame

With nobody but myself to blame

Thin and fair with eyes so blue

Like a goddess she could accrue

The hearts of men and heroes too

If only we all knew.

She’d take a man and toy with him

And hook him with a sexy grin,

Brush her lips against his chin

And whisper “it is not a sin.”

And then, like me, he would be caught

And in passion, perfection sought,

Beg her to let him tie the knot,

And then she’d leave him there to rot.



Hello everyone,

I wrote this poem the other day, and posted it originally on my personal blog, Cassadyblog, which I encourage you to check out! I write on it every week day, primarily about more serious topics, though I do have quite a bit of creative poetry on there. :)

Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn