Love triangles are one of the most popular love plots nowadays. Some say that it's annoying some say it's intriguing. So what if you want to write a love triangle in your novel? I'm here to share what are the good and bad of Love Triangles.

The Bad:

Sometimes, I can be annoyed with love triangles. Especially if it makes no sense. When you have romance, you have to actually root for the characters to be together. Sometimes it's clear who the person wants to be with but for some reason, they have a change of heart. Take CW's Reign for example. The main love interest is Mary and Francis. Mary has been known for love triangles, but at least one was done well. Mary all of a sudden falls in love with Prince Conde.

Now to be fair... (spoiler alert) Mary was unfortunately raped and puts some blame of her husband Francis. But here's when the relationship was stupid. The love came out of nowhere. Even one of the characters said that "you're confusing generosity for love!" The love that Mary and her husband had was so strong but it fell apart in a matter of seconds.

When you take so much time to build up love for characters, don't make it too easy for them to fall apart.

Another bad example of love triangles is Girl Meets World. I hate that putting GMW in a bad category because this show holds a special place in my heart. But this Maya and Lucus thing are killing me! This was the last thing to ever cross my mind! Just ew... Why is this happening?

How did all of sudden she started to like her best friends boo thing! I'm so irritated that this plot is still going on. The funny thing is that if they made some changes, this would have been a good love triangle. They should have had in the beginning Riley and Maya both liking Lucus and they're both aware. Making them go through with each other and themselves to stop their feels so it won't get in the way. But the constant battle in their heart makes it challenging. Maybe it's personal, but I think liking your best friend's crush is wrong.

The Good:

Now these are the ways you should write a love triangle. Let's get back to Reign since I did mention there is a good one.

Mary and Bash... Bash is actually Francis half brother. In the first episode, it was clear that he likes her. And sometimes I can see she likes him but she focused on Francis. What's good about this triangle is that it was a hard choice to choose between Francis and Bash. Unlike Conde, this wasn't something that came out of nowhere. There was actually a lot of good chemistry. Even though I'm Team Francis, I couldn't deny that Mary and Bash made a nice couple.

Make it or Break it. Offers a good love triangle. I believe there was two but I'm going to highlight one since it involves the same person. Evil blondie Lauren slept with her best friends boyfriend! I still believe she has no shame in it. Anyways, the boyfriend (Carter) knew it was a mistake and never wants to do again. Always trying to avoid Lauren and tell her he's not interested. But Lauren can't take a hint.

Carter, knowing his mistake and trying to flee from the other woman makes it a good triangle. He's feelings are clear who he would rather be with. Leaving Lauren finding ways to break them up.

What I'm trying to say is... Don't write love triangles that make the reader or audience annoyed. They shouldn't be thinking how the romance came out of nowhere, they should be torn on who to pick. And if you don't make the love triangle that way, make them fight for the two characters to stay in love and not have the other person mess things up. Love triangles are scandalous like Derek and Ahsha from Hit the Floor

They should help move the plot forward. Not because I made a new character and I think they need a place. Let the character have a strong reason why they're in love with the other person and why they want them to themselves.

Hope this article helps when making romance plots. In other words, hold on tight, because we're writing something great!

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Published by Shannell Assem