God desires for all to come to Him. Our Heavenly Father desires that all of His children look to Him for all of their needs. God put a longing in every heart that can only be filled by Him. Then He gave us free will to seek Him and find the reconciliation abandoned by first sin. The lies of satan tell us that we can find wholeness in the temporary things of this world. His lies tell us that we can gain favor by making rules to follow. He knows that if we ever encounter the steadfast, eternal love of God he is defeated in a believing heart just as he was defeated at The Cross. God became man and walked the earth to proclaim a new covenant that focused on love over the previous laws. He then became the sacrificial lamb that fulfilled the old covenant and reconciled all who accepted His sacrifice for them. God, in His Wisdom, decided to bring repentance through love as opposed to adherence. God’s grace (receiving what we don’t deserve) and mercy (not getting what we do deserve) are meant to draw us to Him and His unconditional love. We are called to repent to a God of unending love and not to feel condemned by rules nobody has ever been able to live up to, except God Himself through Jesus.


Published by Thomas Hopkins