Hello Darling,
My vitals have gone beyond the normal limits
since the last time I saw you,
My blood has affinity for your presence, but you are absent around
My arteries need ligation and I suppose your fingers could clamp them before the operation.
I bet you’ll anesthetize me with your kisses before any major surgery,
You slice into my brain with your blade of smiles, blooming out flowery thoughts
And excising malignant tissues that were giving me migraines.

Your scent awakens my olfactory nerves
And when I breathe you in, you clear off the bronchial spasms in my airway.
You do incise and drain the abscess of solitude that forms in my pericardium
Your chortles suture and heals my open wounds with its melody.
If my heart valves should experience any stenosis, I hope you’ll be the prosthetic valve for replacement.
When you nestle my head on your bosom, it feels like you are performing craniotomy on my skull
Painting your kisses on my epidural space.
The light in your eyes clear off cataracts in my pupil,
My sight is restored and I rejoice in your recovery room.
Before I get a cardiac arrest, let the rhythm of your blood give me a heart transplant and save me from heart failure.

Yours faithfully,

surgical patient.

©Teddy Temple


Published by Teddy Temple