It's so much easier to love those that share our same thoughts and values than those that don't. Of course it is. There is no objection, no debate, no one to tell you that you may be wrong. Your very being is validated around them. I have been very challenged during this Presidential race between what I know in my heart and the direction I want to see this country head in. 

I am quite frightened by the fact that Trump has made it this far in the race. I am afraid he would ruin our country. I still don't believe he will be voted in as President, but to discount that completely would be foolish. I want to rage against him and anyone who dares to listen to and believe in his "values". All I hear is hatred and a desire to allow his ego to run a country. To become the most powerful man in the world. I don't hear how he will make this country great again. I hear how he wants to isolate us, create literal and figurative walls around us. I hear how he wants to rally 'his people' against those that do not share their thoughts and values. I am afraid.

Then I take a step back. I remember back to when President Obama was a threat to the people of this country. People hated him, didn't agree with him, thought he would ruin our country, were genuinely fearful of his win and threatened to move out of the country if he won. I suppose the way I feel right now is the same way they felt back then. So, who am I to judge others who don't agree with my views? Who am I to say I am right and they are wrong? Who am I to do anything but simply recognize and love another human being? 

From this space, I continue to love my fellow countrymen and Presidential hopefuls. I am reminded that we are all human and doing the best we can. I can continue to accept and behold the Divine light in all beings even those who think differently from me. From this space, I love Donald Trump. 

Does this mean that I step back and do nothing? Allow someone whose values I don't agree with take over and run the country because I just want peace, love and happiness? Hell fucking no.  I will vote in the primaries. I will vote in the Presidential election. And, I will vote in all other elections after that. Because my voice matters. My opinion matters. Whatever the outcome I will make myself heard. 

originally posted on March 17, 2016 at

Published by Melinda Schmitt