When having a conversation with me, you have to choose your words wisely and be able to back your shit up because I'll call your bluff, pull your card and come at your neck! You can't mention me or something that involves me and think I'm not going to have you elaborate. The only person who can speak of me or tell me about myself is my mother. I'm always open to hearing your opinions, but if you're wrong I'm going to correct you. I can't stress enough how important knowing how to fight is if you're going to talk about me. Say the wrong thing and those may be the last thing you say. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with someone that TRIED to hit me with a low blow. They said,
"Why do you get so mad when you talk to me? You can't just have a conversation, maybe you need some counseling. They're just words, why are they hurting you so much? You think you're this nice person but you're not. Everyone figures you out and once they're hip to your game, they leave. Like your husband, he wont even talk to you."
      Really bitch? Instantly my psycho serial killer bitch switch flipped on. Normally, I wouldn't have said anything and just started beating their ass, but I decided trying to be mature. Smiling on the outside but inside firing with rage, I politely explained how I'm in counseling, thank you very much. I have a zero tolerance for ignorant, closed minded, young minded people, & grown ass adults who just don't get it. THAT'S why I get so mad I talk to them, not because I have an anger problem. I hate repeating myself and talking to him is much like raising a kid or a puppy. Ain't no one got time that. Secondly, everyone figures me out? Hip to what game? 2k or GTA? because those are the only games I play. Last time I checked that's what goes on in all of their relationships so why was he talking about himself? I told him he needed to go look in the mirror. This is the same person who on my birthday fought their "friend" because he was about to tell me a something he didn't want me to know, but maybe I have anger problems.
     I couldn't even finish what I was saying before he started shutting down and didn't want me to finish. Oh, HELL NO! HE GONE GET HIS WORK. I explained to him, don't speak of me then if you're not going to allow me to explain myself, or make sure the things you say are right. I hate talking to this person because he always make sure he gets his point across but once you say something he doesn't like its conversation over. I don't always have to have the last word, but this time I did. So I closed the conversation with,
"And as far as my husband, the day after thanksgiving he was beating my ass! I went to get a room and came back home the next day & everything but the dog was gone! He took all our money and pack up our shit, started driving back up north and got pulled over and had a gun in the car. They took his ass straight to jail, he lost all our shit and came calling who to try to get him out? Like anyone I know who gets locked up, Who'd he need to send him money? Who had to put money on the phone? Ain't karma a bitch? If he won't even talk to me, why IS he still trying to get back together? Everyone figures me out and don't want to deal with me anyone? Oh okay"

Published by ShylahBoss Lee