Like other bloggers; I am also a part of this hustle bustle to find the Big, Luxe and an Exclusive subject to post or blog on my page but this time its not about that. On the contrary its about a very deep and thoughtful subject I would want to share with the world.


For the first time I am not featuring an organisation or an expert interview but blogging on something that touched my soul.


I happened to seek an appointment with this gentleman who does Big Fat Indian Weddings but he never marketed his magnificent work. And with this, I was very sure of an exclusive coverage for my page.


But when I met him, my whole agenda of meeting churned into something else… The BIG of the weddings had no face against THE BIG THOUGHT he embedded. 


I was so emotionally touched and so will you be! 


Wedding Planners are playing “Nags” in this world of weddings and quite literally these planners are bid upon for the most talked about wedding to happen.


Alongwith them, the blogging portals want to exhibit the maximum information on the BIG happenings and the WOW factors about these weddings keeping it as their most exclusive piece of article. 


I held on to the fact that this man has an equal potential  but he chose to be someone who thinks low-key and massive. 


Not all are blessed with an inherited Fortune…Right? 


In life most things gifted by nature have a capping limit – Health, Wealth, Work andLiving! There is no certainty whether your kids would take over your business; and who knows what’s the sustainability then?


I have many friends who are into wedding business and if you seek how they see their future in this profession solely – you shall not get the appropriate answers. But one in those you will find this gentleman who is a visionary and is all set with his future goals.


He believes in doing something for a particular social class and it’s not about charity….


With solemnity he tells me – “ I want to create an experience for a middle class man who could not have imagined a state-of-art wedding, with sumptuous chappan bhog to offer, a thematic wedding he want to choose, a luxury sedan like Mercedes in which his daughter arrives… and many more things under one roof at his disposal. I do not know how far fetched the wedding business is, or my living is….but I want my life to auto-run with this desirable project ”.


What a beautiful thought indeed!


It’s definitely about making a dream come true for a middle class man like a Banker who would spend all his life doing savings to gift his children; specially to his daughters a memorable wedding. 


He has already initiated this project which is launching in the coming year. There have been many standardisations made which I will surely share as my exclusive blog and you will be awe-struck with the transparency in the ideas he has incorporated. 


This is a revolution in weddings by this wedding designer-planner for those who cannot afford a fortune wedding but a wedding that speaks of a LOW budget with quality FAT arrangements and…..  “A BESPOKE WEDDING ” experience for a middle class man. 


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