Despite the popular belief, the fashion industry has always been there to take care of the needs of men and women. Within the last decade, we have seen the metrosexual look rise. It allowed men to shake off the strict masculine image and express their gentler side with clean-shaven faces, tight fits, and vibrant colors. The look has slowly blended in and adjusted to what we now know as the hipster culture. The hipster look has allowed the masculinity to shine once again and it is meant to peek with the lumbersexual look.

The lumberjack lifestyle

The job of a lumberjack was cutting, and transporting trees used in the industry and as firewood. These people did hard labor using their muscle strength alone, combined with some manual tools. They are people of incredible strength and stamina, able to endure harsh working conditions and a minimalistic lifestyle. They did not show fear, even though the work was exceptionally hard and nowhere close to safe, as they had to earn the living for themselves and their families.

What is the lumbersexual image?

The lumbersexual image is based on that of the lumberjacks from the first half of the twentieth century. While the lumbersexuals do not have to fear for their lives, and not even do manual labor, there are still some shared traits. They are masculine, hardworking, and fearless. They are still able to bring food to the table. However, nowadays, they are more likely to carry laptops than axes.

The facial hair

The facial hair is one of the two trademarks of a lumbersexual. The beard, usually extended to include the mustache and the sideburns, is meant to be neat and sturdy. It does not have to be exceptionally long, but it should definitely be an asset, rather than a collateral of a rough lifestyle. The hair is preferably long, but it can range anywhere from the undercut fade, to a ponytail, or even better, a man-bun. The beard and the hairstyle should be combined with thick eyebrows. All that’s now left is eyes with a deep wise look.

The clothes

The second, or maybe the first, let’s say, another trademark of this popular look, is a long-sleeved plaid shirt. The flannel, red and black ones are a classic, but you can make your own choice of fabric and colors. The look is meant to fit all seasons, so you can indulge yourself with a plain cotton T-shirt. Choose monochromatic shirts and stay within a neutral range of black, gray, white and beige. An exception is a floral pattern as it shows the connection to nature. You are welcome to select any type of classic fit jeans or overalls.

Footwear and accessories

When it comes to this look, leather boots are a preference. Steel cap boots and generally working boots are something you expect to see a lumberjack wears. Yellow boots are always the right choice. When it comes to accessories, lumbersexuals are usually very proud off their tattoos. The jewelry should be kept to a minimum and usually only include a meaningful piece, a bracelet or a necklace, made from natural materials. Perhaps, even a watch with a leather bracelet, but nothing more than that. A thing you should not forget is a hat. Be it a beanie, a wooly hat, or a baseball cap, it is always welcome. Also, suspenders might be a nice touch.

The lumbersexual look is not only for ripped men. Masculinity comes in many shapes and clothes come in all sizes. Try out the look, we guarantee it will spice up 2018 for you.  

Published by Helen Bradford