This week I will be reviewing one product each day, Monday through Friday, from one of my favorite brands: LUSH!


I've used the Eau Roma Water Toner from LUSH a few times and loved it! Most recently, I decided to try the other toner LUSH manufactures.

I often use it before going to bed, or after getting out of the shower. I have found this product does this for my skin:


img_0348 img_0351

I have used this product for a month or two, and found it has no effect on my skin. With the Eau Roma Water, my skin feels refreshed, replenished, and clear. Breath of Fresh Air is meant to "cool, sooth, and clarify", none of which I have noticed while using this product.

I have normal to dry skin, and this could work differently for different people. I recommend skipping this toner from LUSH, and look at their alternatives.

Talk to you tomorrow for another LUSH review!

xx Sarah

Published by Sarah Polech