Another day, another LUSH product review. I have tried nearly all cleansers LUSH produces. I rave over Fresh Farmacy, think you can pass on Let the Good Times Roll, and find Angels on Bare Skin to be highly over-hyped. Today we're talking about Herbalism, which I have just finished up after trying it for the first time.

This cleanser is fantastic. It's both a cleanser and exfoliant, in my opinion. There are small ground up bits that really work away any dead skin on your face, which I think is fantastic. The cleanser feel like a deep clean of the pores, and leaves my face feeling balanced: not too dry, and doesn't make it oily. (For the record, my skin is very normal and if anything runs a bit dry.)

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to try it. It doubles as both a cleanser and exfoliant, so I've been able to save on LUSH exfoliant sitting in my shower. The only downside to this product was something I noticed when first using it. I found the product to be extremely dry, and hard to work with even when mixed with a bit of water. However, to combat this I would let a little water from the shower get into the jar and I would leave it in there to soak in until the next time I used it. Not very much water, just enough to make it easier to work with.



Talk to you tomorrow for another LUSH review!

xx Sarah

Published by Sarah Polech