Another day, another LUSH review for the week!


When I visit LUSH, I typically gravitate towards their shampoos and face masks. However, this product grabbed my attention, mainly because of the color if I'm being honest. This is the first shower gel I've used from LUSH, and recently used it up.

The product overall was good, though nothing to write home about. The smell was nice without being overpowering. This shower cream does not lather at all, so however much you put on your loofah will only go so far, which I found a bit peculiar. But, it was gentle on the skin and I felt very cleansed after using it.



I may look into other shower creams from LUSH in the future, since this worked pretty well for my skin. If you're looking to try this, I recommend doing so. It lasted quite some time, which is always a plus.


Be back tomorrow with another LUSH review,

xx Sarah

Published by Sarah Polech