Do you like sailing and comfort? Or maybe you have never sailed and expected a catamaran charter similar conditions as in the best hotels? You can reconcile! A large catamaran charter, often with a permanent crew, is a combination of the convenience of a hotel with a wonderful sailing experience.
Instead of sitting in a crowded hotel, eating meals with a thousand other people and watching the same every day, you have the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in a completely different, comfortable dimension. Every day you can be in a different place without packing and unpacking.
Depending on your needs, there may only be a skipper running the yacht on a catamaran charter, but there may also be a cook and a person who helps in maneuvering and serving guests.
The whole catamaran charter is at your disposal. You can go
alone with an accompanying person, family or friends. The cabins are 2-bed like hotel rooms, each with its own bathroom.
Meals are prepared especially for you, you eat them among the people you know, away from the crowds. You are staying in ports or bays. Depending on your preferences, you use what offers a bustling city or the silence you will find in climatic bays.
Choose a catamaran charter tailored to your needs, abilities and skills. Regardless of the selected reservoir, Luxury Catamarans - catamaran charter, offers a fully professional service at every stage of preparations for an independent cruise, ranging from an extensive search of available units to support in the field of logistics and route planning. Thanks to many years of experience of our skippers, we will be happy to suggest when, where and what to sail. Catamaran charter has never been so easy!
Why is a catamaran charter a good choice for a "journey of life"?

  • Catamarans are stable. They sway little, give a sense of security,
  • Catamarans are much faster than yachts - they allow you to develop high speeds,
  • They provide a large space, ideal for recuperation and rest,
  • The space in the living room and on the deck is definitely more than on the yacht. It offers a really large surface and great visibility as it is glazed to around,
  • Maneuvering this really large unit is very easy. It has two independent engines. By maneuvering them, you can practically rotate around your own axis in place. So in the tank one caterpillar forward, the other one back.

Published by MoizRaza Khatri