Looking to add a superior accessory to your collection? Explore the authentic leather products made by hand in Tuscany, Italy by the Florence Leather Market

The Origins

As the home of Guccio Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci, Florence has always been renowned as a centre for high fashion and luxury products. Florence Leather Market originated from the illustrious San Lorenzo market, established in the 19th century, making it one of the oldest markets in Tuscany and still a popular destination for the local fashion aficionados. Locals or visiting tourists are able to visit the two retail outlets in Via Dell’Ariento, as well as the market, to see the home of these accessories and feel the suppleness and refinement of the leather in person. Now, these products are available internationally

The Products

‘Made in Italy’ is synonymous with luxury and excellence, especially when it comes to leather. Calfskin leather is the epitome of high quality: a fine grain, durability and softness. Every product is made of this Grade A leather, assured with a 24 month warranty on all handbags. Styles available range from modern tote bags to vintage-style dyed travel bags. Also available for purchase, are precisely crafted wallets and belts. Carefully designed shades and shapes boast originality, true Italian design and class. Guarantees of authenticity of the authentic leather products, including the fleur-de-lis symbol traditionally representing the city of Florence, assure buyers of the pride felt through from the designers to the sellers to the wearers. Find the perfect authentic leather product for every style and every need. Skilled experts will hand-craft an accessory to match even the most inimitable
taste. The reviews from the last 12 months from the company’s Italian home to as far afield as Australia boast 100% positivity; this is no surprise given the assured excellence and universal renown of leather made in Italy

How to Find and Experience These Products for Yourself

It has never been easier to purchase authentic Italian leather products thanks to Florence Leather Market. Orders can be placed in person, online at www.florenceleathermarket.com, in email or over the phone, and are able to get anywhere in the world in 10 days or less with express international shipping. Bags, wallets and belts are available to buy as a consumer or a reseller buying wholesale. To bring these exclusive products to your customers, use the Dropshipping feature to provide your clientele with access to the products via your e-commerce website."

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