Lyfe Lessons…


Its funny to me how you grow up w/ a certain set of friends and you develop this bond with them that you feel to believe is a "True Friendship" until your life starts to take a direction that even you don't quit understand. You start to realize that its time to start making decisions about your life based on your heart but will also benefit your future and here comes the funny part!

All the drama & all the indifferences that you go through with this significant other is in no comparison to the way this person treats, speaks, respects, begins to show love and takes care of you when it counts!

Sometimes because we as women have spent so much time living a life of hurt & confusion we don't know how to accept or even begun to welcome a good thing into our lives when we get it.

Yea they maybe a lil rough around the edges, but no one said that building a foundation that will last forever eould be easy. No one said that your Happily Ever After would always be happy or even come to you on a silver platter. God never said that you would not have to put in work because you do TRUST ME! Nothing worth having comes easy! You have to WORK for that position or raise  that your striving for at work just like you have to work for that relationship & life that you dream of having.

Nothing comes for free, not even for God. You have to work & show him praise and just how bad you want what your striving for.

Sitting here watching "Soul Food" I look at the character that Nia Long plays, and the relationship that she has with Mekhi Phifer, he's the dope boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the hood boy who can't keep a job because of his incarcerated past. Those were my kind of guys, still are in a sense. My name is not Jesus I do not judge. I love & let live & follow my heart openly & freely & whatever heart break comes I endure it as best as I know how.

This movie just shows you that, you should never judge a book ny its cover & even though it is indeed just a "movie" sometimes you need to unwrap the gift that God has presented to you & try to figure it out if not I have come to realize that (for me anyway) you'll end up in the sane situations, same relationships just different people until you figure out what God is trying to teach you!

Open your heart up to Lyfe, Love, & God. It will be hard & scary but in the end when God is through with you it will be all worth it!

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