First day in Maastricht today and things makeup wise couldn’t be better! But to set the record straight from the beginning: I moved to the Netherlands from Greece for studying purposes. Maastricht happened to be one of those cities that attract you and also have the subject you want to study, so after a looong year of preparing myself, here I am! New in a new country, a stranger among strangers, a tourist in a town I want to make my home. For my greatest pleasure, as I was walking down the Main Street of Maastricht, where all the shops are, I noticed that it is a make up paradise! Thus, I set certain goals that I will try to achieve on the proceeding months:

  1. Lush:Lush products are EVERYWHERE right now! Every MUA I follow and know have been a fan of those and something tells me that they are getting big! That is why I got extremely excited when I found out that Lush products exist in Maastricht too! So next on my list, definitely Lush!
  2. KikoEveryone knows Kiko are big in Italy! However, and shame on me, I didn’t know that they exist in the Netherlands too. I will absolutely put Kiko on my list, as I have never tried anything from them and I am thrilled to! Besides, I have heard great words.
  3. ICI PARIS XLMy first contact with this drugstore paradise was when I was browsing in Brussels and I stormed in a ICI PARIS XL shop to see what’s new around there! I got out with a BE mattifying foundation that costed 15€ and I had bought it half a price. You can imagine my joy when I got a perfectly good foundation costing less than 8€ thanks to all the great sales the store holds for its customers! I will definitely go back there and see what other goodies in half a price I will find over there! 

Hope you enjoyed it and looking forward to come back with some great products! xx

Published by Christina Lag