Arthur Samuel in the 1960’s while working for IBM, coined the term “Machine Learning”. It is a field of computer science which gives the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.  It is derived from the field of Artificial Intelligence.

It is employed in a lot of computing tasks like email filtering, any sort of data breach, Optical Character Recognition and various other functions. Machine Learning is closely related to computational statistics and also data mining. It can also be supervised learning as well as unsupervised learning.

It has a lot of usage in data analytics and is used to derive complex models and algorithms. It is an extremely nascent stage and not much training is available and hence it often fails to deliver.

Application of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the new tool that is being used to run the world. Some of the prominent use of it is in:

  • The various online recommendation sites like the online shopping portals like Amazon and also Netflix
  • Fraud detection, in online banking and marketing sites.
  • The futuristic self-drove Google car runs on machine learning algorithms

Opportunity for Machine Learning in India

India which has emerged as the primary out-sourcing country for offshore companies has a massive demand for experts in machine learning. A recent survey has shown that there is the dearth of 40,000 personnel in Bangalore alone. 

Top IT companies are hiring Machine Learning and AI programmers and thus there is huge job opportunities, with the number of homegrown online shopping portals like Snapdeal and Flipkart, you will always be in high demand with your skills.

Intel itself is hiring huge amounts of AI scientists in India alone, because of the huge technical talent that we boast of. By 2020, AI would become the driving force as data analysis will become more important for running businesses, governments, and academia.

So, without much ado, you should enroll yourself in a Machine Learning Training programme.

The demand-supply gap in Data Science and Machine Learning will increase, with McKinsey predicting, that half a million jobs would be available in India alone. Bangalore being the epicenter of the IT revolution in India has the maximum vacancies.

Things to Look in the ML Training Course

There are several centers that provide Machine Learning training in Bangalore. When you join a course make sure it teaches you the 10 basic algorithms.

Machine Learning algorithms fall under 3 broad categories:

Supervised Learning


  1. Decision tree
  2. Naive Bayes classification
  3. Ordinary least square regression
  4. Logistic regression
  5. Support Vector Machines
  6. Ensemble methods


Unsupervised Learning


  1. Cluster algorithms
  2. Principal Component Analysis
  3. Singular Value Decomposition
  4. Independent Component Analysis


Reinforcement Learning

Join the new age revolution, where Machines take over the human world, but be their master before they enslave you. Join a Machine Learning course and beat the competition out.

Published by Zoe Sewell