For the last two years, I’ve been lucky enough to call London home and I’ve definitely enjoyed my fair share of good meals.

The thing with London is that if you’re not lining up for a restaurant or it’s not packed out on a Tuesday night, then it’s probably not even worth trying. Trust me, the lines are worth the wait.

My time in London is now up, so I want to share some of my favourite food spots over that time.

Whether you are just visiting, you live there or you’re planning to move to London, these are my top 3 places I would recommend you at least try out. *In no particular order

1.  Bone Daddies -

Bone Daddies is a Japanese Ramen restaurant nestled in the side streets of Soho.

Although most times you need to line up, it’s all about the timing. Make sure that you don’t go on a Friday or Saturday and if you can sacrifice a later dinner (which most Londoners do) and go between 6:30 – 7:30pm.

I would recommend getting the Korean Fried Chicken Wings to start. These are wings deep-fried then coated in a Korean spicy sauce and sesame seeds. They aren’t too filling if you share and are not at all spicy.

Now for the main, there are so many different ramens to choose from. Ramen is a noodle based soup that is cooked in either Chicken or Pork broth and then other added trimmings are added.

Each time I went to Bone Daddies (except for one, which I instantly regretted changing my usual choice), I would choose the TANTANMEN 2. It’s chicken based and although they say it’s spicy, it is not at all. The TANTANMEN 2 is just incredibly delicious and moreish and takes you to Ramen heaven. Be sure to add the sesame seeds as well.

Bone Daddies think ahead for their customers; they have hair ties for the ladies and bibs for all so you don’t spill on yourself!

Make sure you head here – it also doesn’t break the budget!


2.  Negril -

London has a strong Caribbean presence and if you’ve never tried Caribbean food – you need to.  There are many Caribbean places to eat at in London, but the best by far is Negril in Brixton (South West London).

The staff is friendly, the mood is relaxed and the food is out of this world.

The best recommendation to order would be the fried plantains for the starter to share. These are fried bananas and come served with lime mayo and extremely hot, hot sauce!

In terms of value for money, it’s best to get the curry platter to share, which gives you two curry choices, two sides, some rice and peas

If you’ve never tried goat curry, you need to try it from here. The thought of goat can be a bit daunting but trust me it is unreal and eventually you don’t even think that it’s goat. Be sure to order this as one of your curry choices.

Be sure to book a table because it can get busy on the weekends and you don’t want to miss out.


3. Homeslice -

Homeslice Pizza is famous for it’s enormous pizzas and has locations all around London, but the one I went to is in Covent Garden. This place is hidden in amongst the other restaurants and bars of Neal’s Yard.

You can choose to half/half your pizza so you’re not stuck eating the same 20inch pizza all night.

The night I went, we ordered half/half – goats shoulder and salami. It was amazing. And we did finish it.

There’s an array of pizza toppings to choose from, so don’t be scared because everything looks delicious.

Homeslice feels like you’re having a pizza at home with it’s casual vibe and comfortable feel.

This is another one of those places that you need to line up for but it’s well worth it.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel and eat at some amazing places. Follow my blog to see the places I’ve shared and will continue to share as I travel back home to Sydney.


Published by Stephanie Effendie