When someone errs publicly, we empathize with him or her or may even feel superior. Empathy is felt because we were once in a position of being exposed or committed an error which made us want to hide indefinitely. We feel elevated when we discover the "perfect" are not so perfect, and our imperfections seem more tolerable.

But the main reason society gets wrapped in the public mistakes of others is because it helps us avoid focusing on what is going on in our lives. We continue to look for people to guide us and be our scapegoat if ours plans are not fruitful. But what would happen if we became completely responsible for our lives and our own image?

Become Your Image-Maker


Instead of imitating or putting other people on pedestals, take an alternative route. One way is to collect positive attributes of people you admire. Do not make the mistake of idolizing or becoming a replica of someone's image. If this person makes a mistake, you may feel disillusioned.  So borrow the virtues which makes a person strong, intelligent, kind, etc. Add to those to the positive qualities you already internalize, and you have created your own image.  

Live up to this image and then surpass it.


Happy image making!



Published by Bridgette B.