A little over a year ago, the successor of the extremely popular Magento was released. Magento 2, as it is not entirely unexpected, is conquering territory at a rapid pace. Magento has 30 percent of the e-commerce market so far, and the first US websites that use Magento 2 have already surfaced. This is of course in this rapidly changing time a missed opportunity for many websites. Numerous benefits make switching to Magento 2 worthwhile!

1. The speed of Magento 2
Logically, a faster website yields more money, and all kinds of research also confirm this. This is because many people do not or do not want to take the time to wait for a slow page. Research has revealed that a delay of just one second brings about a conversion reduction of 7 percent. And then we are not even talking about the 11 percent fewer page views or that the customer is 16 percent less satisfied on average.
Magento 2 puts the focus on speed, and that is easy to notice. The software has been rebuilt right from the start and directly supports PHP7. It also makes use of modern development techniques, which ensure that everything runs even smoother. Full Page Cache is supported by Magento 2 as standard. This was previously only for Enterprise members. It also helps Varnish, which makes the pages load even faster and reduces the load on the servers.

2. Safety first
Significant progress has been made regarding payment and updates security. This is due to some changes in the Magento file structure, so that the root folder is only accessible via the 'pub' folder, and no longer via the browser. This enables developers to more easily and efficiently secure their website against leaks.

3. Modular progress
The most relevant module developers (Aheadworks, Magestore, Amasty, Mirasvit, etc.) have now had a year to adjust the most used extensions to Magento 2. They have taken the time to transfer their software from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This takes several months because it is essential that everything works correctly and looks good.

4. A simpler dashboard
The speed with which things age is actually pretty crazy. If you look back now at the hairstyles of a few years ago, you are probably perplexed. Time goes fast, and that is also noticeable to Magento. If you have worked with Magento 2 for a while, you will be as surprised at seeing the old Magento!
The principal reason for this progress is the improved usability of the dashboard. For example, changing or adding a new product is facilitated by the highly efficient layout. Moreover, there is now a split in the menu between the system and the shop. For example, the shop side consists of the options Products, Content and Marketing. In the system administration, you can find, among other things, the configuration screen, as well as the tax rules and the general terms and conditions.

5. Optimum customer experience
The essential starting point of Magento has always been to improve the customer experience. With Magento 2, the customer experience is better than ever before. This is due in part to a fully responsive design, which makes Magento 2 accessible for every device. Computers, telephones, and tablets do not have any problems with Magento 2. Also, a front-end library is used that contains all necessary elements. Think for example breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, pop-ups, forms, buttons and a whole lot more. All these options ultimately result in a higher conversion rate for your website.
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What should you look for when switching to Magento 2?
The benefits of Magento 2 are gigantic. Not only is everything faster and safer, but it is also provided with an improved design. On this basis, the choice to switch is naturally made quickly. But what you should not forget is that Magento 2 has been renewed from the ground up. Your entire website must, therefore, be set up again, which can be quite a big task. And because Magento 2 is not that old yet, perhaps not all extensions you're used to having been renewed. Therefore, check whether you have everything at your disposal before the switch.

Starting Magento User?
Of course, it is best for new websites to make direct use of Magento 2. This way you avoid switching problems, and you can immediately get used to all novelties. You will also have a mustache with Magento 2 for the next five to ten years! Even if you are planning to make a significant investment on your website soon, it is best to switch directly to Magento 2.

Published by Mudassar Ali