Make-up, it sure is magic, when you use it properly and know what your doing!

I love make up and at the same time I hate it, I don’t know what I am doing!

So some of my favorite products are below, here are the names so if you fancy buying some you can find it, first picture – I have my benefit small handbag size lip-gloss, my brown MAC eyeliner, Kate Moss lipstick 05, Ted Baker purple glitter eyeliner, LAGIRL PRO concealer, and my MAC lipstick in colour studded kiss.

Second picture -mascara Rimmel lash accelerator endless, the brush applicator is amazing for separating your lashes on this, then I have my OLAY concealer, which is so soft and gentle on the skin, my Primark cheap CC under eye concealer to help my dark bags, this actually works well, and lasts a long time, then I have my SKINFRESH concealer to apply over my Primark one to set and to even skin tone and my face foundation N.07 beautifully matte, I got my skin colour matched at boots so this matches and works very well, lasts a long time and covers well, sometimes can be a little sticky. I also have the N07 under eye concealer but it’s run out now! Waaaah.

Third picture – I have cheap eye shadow, which I use for my eyebrows! As my eyebrows are VERY light I have to be careful not to go over board and look stupid so this light cheap eye shadow works well combined with my brow tamer, then I have bare minerals powder foundation which works well as a setting powder, I now have the Laura Mercier loose setting powder for baking etc. which helps set my make up even better than this powder, the other powders I have are a W7 puff perfection, a technic one and a match perfection one, all off these help with my under ye bags when setting my makeup.

Forth picture- my eye shadow palette is the NAKED2 it’s my fave one I also have a mini pallets for when travelling of the NYX colours, which are beautiful. And extra travel crème foundation I have is an Avon one which helps cover blemishes really well.

Fifth picture- all my brushes, a mix and match most brushes aren’t used for the correct thing either, like I mix my eye shadow brushes up all the time, my sister has to guides me on which brush to use for which make up!

Sixth picture- brown tamer George from ASDA amazing works so well use it every day, maybe cheap but love it, and my brown pencil if I’m going for a darker look

Eighth picture – sun kissed bronze architect, contouring powder pallets by Lucy Meck I love this, guidance tips inside too, so easy to apply.

Tenth picture – contour crème kit Anastasia’ Beverly Hills this kit is amazing for when your going ‘out out’ combined with my powdered contour kit and highlighter I love it!

Disclaimer! – I’m rubbish at make up certainly no expert I love messing around and experimenting and people have asked me about my make up so why not share it? Embrace women not be against them!

As you can see, some are branded some are cheap yet cheerful, I love a mix, and I love finding the right match for my skin, I don’t wear make up very often and when I do most of the time my sister has to sort it out ha-ha. I prefer the natural look but I am a girl and all us girls like to glam up once in a while when going out below are also pictures from my natural self, to when my sister or myself has done my make up. My sister and I will be doing a video on YouTube soon and she will show you all her make up and techniques to help you out, she is amazing I would rather she helped you all than I. any recommendations you have please leave a comment below, any ideas and tips will greatly be revived as I’m just plain not with it when it comes to make up and hair! Send your make up selfies in too! Would love to see what you all use and what you think works best! Leave any comments or questions below!

Happy Make-Up Testing

Much Love J


Published by Jaydyne Overton