Why do you do what you do? Career wise and in general. If you are a fellow artist like myself who dabbles in the art of writing, why do you write? Is there a hidden agenda... an end game... a message you're sending out to the world... fame and fortune... or to simply leave your mark on this spinning planet before you say bon voyage?

Jr. high is when the writing bug bit my mind, a hobby that fed into my creative imagination. Short stories was my specialty, these types of stories was a way to challenge myself, boredom causes my mind to move onto something else. Challenges in life is what peaks and holds my attention, plus I also feel that the things in life that require hard work give the biggest reward in the end. I am not referring to the monetary reward, I'm shooting more towards the "Feelin' good, pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went for it", the accomplished job well done reward. When I entered the insane world of high school I stopped writing, personal reasons, which I wish I hadn't. Shit happens in life. Writing reentered my world in therapy form in my early 20's. It transformed from a mere simple pleasure to an outlet that allowed me to be open with certain personal situations without having to be verbally open. Like having my cake and eating it to. After a few years of jotting down thoughts in spiral notebooks, ideas of turning my once hobby, now venting sessions, into a career. As a youngster I envisioned my future as a fashion designer/ drummer in a punk rock band, similar to Blink 182 and Green Day. Writer/ author, I like the way that fit.

I take my past and all of it's lessons and use them to hopefully help others in whatever way I can. Will I ever be an infamous author like Stephen King or Harper Lee, probably not, but if any of my art can aid in the process of cracking a smile on a saddened face or shine down a single ray of sun in someone's storm stricken sky, then I have done my job well. It's funny how life turns out sometimes, the directions you map out for yourself and where life ends up leading you elsewhere. I am on a mission to leave my mark on this world, to leave it a bit better than when I entered it. I think that's what most people want as well.

It's just weird how writing has rippled throughout my existence, morphing from one phase to another in order to make me who I am today. One single art, so many different forms. Ain't life grand. So, why do you do what you do?


Published by Derra Sabo