The universe works in magic ways. Everyone has sensed it. Depending on the level of conditioning one has been through will depend on how available that magic is to be accepted as reality. I believe the Universe is conspiring to meet our every need. I had a friend named Venus I met a few weeks ago at yoga teacher training in Alachua. She reminded me of this quote and said she uses "The universe is conspiring to meet my every need" as a mantra almost daily. I have not adopted this as my mantra daily, but it is an amazing reminder that everything is happening FOR me, not TO me. Not long ago, when a situation would take a turn for what in my opinion was the worst, ended up being for the best. It is not until later when we can look back at our lives and see that we would not have wanted events to unfold any other way. Through suffering is grace. Through a wrong turn is a beautiful field of sunflowers. Through that car wreck, you met your husband. These are just examples and Im sure if you reflect you can see the perfect order in which things have always happened for your benefit whether it seemed like it at the time or not. May I remind you, this hind sight may not work until fifty years down the road on your death bed. Only then may the puzzle pieces seem to fit perfectly together, but our stories as humans are so fucking beautiful. As I am moving forward in life at what seems to be lightening speed, I am simultaneously moving like a slug. The paradox is here once again. We never escape it. What I am learning is that magic, actually everything, seems impossible until it is possible. Our brilliant yet limiting minds can not comprehend how what we want to happen could ever happen. So usually we stop putting energy towards our dreams because it seems unfathomable. "There is no way this could ever happen for me. That would be lucky and Im not a lucky person. Nothing ever works out how I want it to so why try. etc" . These are all things we may tell ourselves. If not our own thoughts then someone else. Giving us reason after reason why it will not work. I am here to tell you the universe whispers something else. "I am conspiring to meet your every need." I have been wanting to go out to California for the past few months, but I knew Gregg and I could not afford it right now. Thursday my friend told me she had two free plane tickets to anywhere in the US. My mind could not comprehend how I was going to make it back out to California without any money, but here I am planning a trip out west. It seems impossible, until its possible. Trust that there is magic at work. Believing is the first step. There is no room for doubt. You cannot hide from the universe. We are all a part of the same vibration. Trust and your faith will be rewarded. I will leave you with my favorite quote right now. "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."



Published by Anna Davis